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Benefits of Dancing

Uplifting & Fun

Good music + good atmosphere + good people = positive vibes :)


You will be submersed into another world, meeting a lot of awesome people who share your passions.

Creative Outlet

Your personality, emotional expression, and musical interpretation can be shown through ballroom dancing.


Hate working out? Dance is for you! It is a whole-body workout encompassing muscle and cardio all at the same time.

Mental Challenge

Did you know that ballroom dance lessons help with memory and reduce the chances of getting



You will learn of muscles you never knew about before as well as the most efficient ways to use them.

Confidence Boost

Dancing in front of...PEOPLE?? What else do we need to say.

New Hobby

Dance is not something you learn in 20 minutes. Like any skills, it can take a lifetime to master, but the journey is oh so satisfying!

Stress Relief

Dancing is a mind-body experience, requiring you to focus on multiple things at once. Good-bye to everything else!

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