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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t have a partner to dance with. How can I take dance lessons? A. If you do not have a dance partner, you will be paired with a dance instructor instead and will have the opportunity to learn straight from the source.

Q. What is appropriate to wear for my dance lessons? Do I need special shoes? A. Anything that is comfortable to move around in is great to wear! Specific shoes are not necessary in the beginning, however we will direct you towards some great options later on!

Q. I have never danced before, are private lessons for me? A. Private lessons are the best way to jump into something new because you will learn the RIGHT way from the beginning! AND if you have no prior dance experience, that means you have no bad habits either!

Q. How long will it take for me to become a good dancer? A. To become a comfortable social dancer in a few different styles it can take anywhere between 5-7 months of weekly lessons. As with any hobby, consistency and practice is key!

Q. How often should I take dance lessons? A. Twice a week is optimal for retention of information. You will have a higher return on your investment if you keep your lessons closer together.

Q. What if I have to cancel my lesson? A. We understand that things happen! Please try to notify your instructor ASAP via text. If we can move your lesson to another time in the week that would be best! Otherwise, we do charge a lesson for same day cancellations.

Q. Can I just focus on one dance style? A. Yes, however we will always encourage cross-training in multiple styles simultaneously so that you can feel comfortable at a party and dance to all kinds of music. All of the partner dances are interrelated, so you will not be overwhelmed!

Q. Where can I find music to practice to? A. Be sure to search for exactly the style you are learning. YouTube and Spotify have playlists curated for ballroom dancers that your instructor can recommend!

Q. How many dance lessons will we need for a first dance? A. It depends on how unique and extravagant you want your first dance. 5-7 lessons will get you a basic dance with some knowledge of ballroom dancing. 12-15 lessons will result in a more extravagant choreographed dance. 20+ lessons will not only get you an amazing first dance, but you will also learn some social dancing along the way to use during your reception!

Q. How far in advance should I schedule my lessons for our wedding dance? A. We recommend starting at least 3 months in advance so that you have time to enjoy the process and decide how unique you want your dance to be. Planning a wedding is not easy and we know scheduling everything can be a challenge - make sure you give yourself the time you deserve!

Q. We’re getting married in two weeks! Is it too late to learn a first dance? A. Not at all! However, don’t expect a DWTS routine! We will get you prepared so that you don’t just stand and sway for 4 minutes.

Have more questions? Email or call us for more info!

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