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Learning Methods

What to Expect

Location & Hours

You can schedule your lesson(s) with us online, via text/call/email, or in-person. All lessons are 45 minutes long.

Our Studio: "EA Dance Studio" - 3732 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026

Hours: M- F 10am-9pm, S - 10am-7pm, Su - 10am-4pm. Weekends are subject to availability because we may travel for competitions.

First Lesson

You will receive an email and text confirmation with details about the studio before your scheduled lesson. On the day of your lesson, simply enter the studio and wait for your instructor to greet you in the lobby. Unless you are getting ready for a special event or have any other specific requests, your first lesson will be an introduction to the ballroom elements and 2-3 different dances! We will also discuss your goals and help you plan your future dancing. Check out our FAQs for more!


After your initial lesson, we prefer scheduling to be done directly with your teacher either in person or over text. It is easier and faster for us to accommodate our students this way! 

If you are in a time crunch for an event, we can schedule lessons back to back or even do full hour lessons instead of 45. We prorate the cost of the lesson depending on the duration in order to fit your needs!

Studio Atmosphere

The studio we work out of is a safe and positive environment that encourages us to learn in a fun way! There are usually multiple lessons occurring at the same time which takes the stress out of being in the spotlight! Right away you will be introduced to a wonderful community of dancers eager to help you along your own dance journey. During the lessons, we often share the music with other instructors, taking turns putting on our favorite songs. You will always have the opportunity to dance to your music on your lesson, just maybe no the entire time.


After your first lesson we will go over your goals and schedules. Most students enjoy taking 2+ lessons per week to lock in what they are learning and progress faster. Many social students will stick to one lesson per week. Consistency in any case is the most important to see progress. Everyone is different, but in most cases students become comfortable on the social dancefloor in about 6 months to a year.

What to Expect
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